Gang Violence Statistics

Gang violence statistics indicate that are down slightly from previous years, but continue to rise since the early part of the decade. According to gang violence statistics, about 60,000 gang-related arrests have been made throughout the past ten years.

Gang violence statistics reveal that gang violence among teens and adults is still a growing problem with about 7,184 gang-related arrests being made in 2010 alone followed by about 3,176 convictions throughout the United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has 55 field offices with Safe Streets Task Forces that are focused on violent gangs totaling 168 total forces. 

Gang Violence Statistics:

While gang violence is a growing problem in all areas throughout the United States, the prevalence rates are increasing in recent years in spite of the record lows that were found in the early 2000s. About one-third of the jurisdictions in the National Youth Gang Survey report some sort of gang-related activity. According to the National Gang Center gang violence statistics about 32.4 percent of all cities, suburban areas, rural areas and towns have a gang problem as represented by more than 3,330 jurisdictions served by city and county law enforcement officials. The primary location for gang involvement and activity, according to recent gang violence statistics, are known to be in metropolitan areas and larger cities. The number of gang-related incidents and violent attacks are happening in cities compared to the number of gangs in rural areas actually declining by about 20 percent since 2002. Gang activity that continues to increase are the number of assaults, drug sales and an increase in the use of firearms. Gang-related homicides are also on the rise since 2002 by about 10 percent in areas with a population more than 250,000. 

Some researchers indicate a rise in the gang violence statistics being because offenders are no longer fearing local law enforcement. This lack of respect for state laws is one of the reasons the number of gang-related incidents continues to increase. Many gang members have reported that they know state-mandated prison sentences are short because lack of jail space in state jails and prisons. Therefore many criminals and gang members are released even before their sentence is up. According to a poll taken from law enforcement officials, it was reported that many police officers, about 57 percent, say it is not uncommon to make an arrest of a gang member just to find them back on the street within hours. Many of these researchers find that this flaw in the justice system could be a huge factor contributing to the demise of the respect of the law by those who join gangs and commit crimes. In fact, about 80 percent of the most serious offenders are able to escape detection and arrest. The gang members that traditionally get caught and arrested are new recruits or the weaker members of the gang because they are used by other members to be the scapegoat that takes the fall for higher up members of the gang. According to recent gang violence statistics, only about one person per every 100 crimes committed are charged with the crime.

Gang Violence Prevention: 

There are many theories on how to stop these gang violence statistics from continuing to climb. The first include doing something about the way gang criminals are prosecuted in state prisons. Because there is such a problem with prosecuting these criminals, there needs to be a major overhaul in how criminals get let go and instead charged with the crimes they commit. In addition, researchers also indicate that there should be more of a focus on children from inner cities learning about the risks of gang recruitment and how to shoot for a brighter future rather than joining the crime rings on the streets at such a young age. Gang leaders and targeting kids younger and younger with violence and drugs to try and get them to become a new gang member. Many gang statistics indicate that the members of gangs are becoming younger and younger. In order to stop gang violence statistics from rising, action must be taken now. 


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