Teen Stress Management

Teen stress can cause related physical, mental, and emotional health issues. Managing stress can be difficult, even for adults. This article discusses some issues teen stress may cause, and techniques for teen stress management. Learn about teen stress here.

The teenage years are difficult and stressful times. Changes are happening to the body. Hormones are flowing. You are just figuring out who you are, and who you want to be. All of this can be confusing and stressful. Plus, you have parents and teachers with expectations, as well as the obligations of homework, extracurricular activities and maybe even a job. Being able to manage stress is important, since stress can lead to physical and mental health issues. Learning teen stress managment skills can really help.

Health Issues Related to Teen Stress

Teen stress is related to physical and mental health issues. Being stressed out can raise blood pressure, begin the stages of heart disease, bring on headaches and stomachaches and even lead to changes in appetite that can affect weight in an unhealthy manner. Stress can also cause sleep problems, and there are a host of issues that come with sleep problems.

On the mental side of things, teen stress can lead to teen depression and even suicide. Aggressive tendencies, anxiousness and irritability can all result from teenage stress. These items can cause problems in relationships with friends and family, and can lead to isolation in some cases.

It is important to begin learning how to deal with stress now, since it is something that you will encounter the rest of your life. High levels of stress for sustained periods of time can lead to long-term health problems, especially heart problems. What you do now to learn how to control your stress can help you live a healthier life later. You can use teen stress management techniques to not only improve your well being now, but to also improve your quality of life later on.

Techniques for Teen Stress Management

The good news is that there are a number of techniques you can use to help you cope with the stresses of life as a teenager. You can use a number of the following techniques for best results. Here are some things that can help with teen stress management:

  • Talk about it: Sometimes it helps to talk about what you are going through. Adults often need to do this as well. Try to remain calm while you express yourself to friends and family. Just talking about what is bugging you can often provide a measure of stress relief.
  • Engage in activities you enjoy: Think about what you like to do. Playing sports, practicing an instrument, performing in a play, reading, video games and hiking are all things that you might enjoy. Think about what you enjoy doing, and make time to do this on a regular basis.
  • Take time to relax: You need time to rejuvenate and relax. Reading something for pleasure (rather than for school or for information) can be one way to do this. Others like to watch TV for 30 to 60 minutes. Perhaps you enjoy taking a hot bath, or lying on the grass. Meditation can also be a good way to relax. You can do this sitting, standing or lying down.
  • Deep breathing: Just taking a few deep breaths throughout the day can help relax you, and remove tension from your body. This can be one way to help you relax, or help you let go of some of your stress.
  • Exercise: Physical exercise is not only good for you, but it is also a natural stress reliever. Exercise can release endorphins, helping you feel good. If you aren’t involved in sports, you should get 30 minutes of physical activity each day. Whether you do yoga, aerobics, running, dance, bike riding or some other type of exercise, you might be surprised at how good you feel if you take some time to be a little active.
  • Plan ahead: Sometimes, teen stress is caused by failure to plan. If you have a big project due in a month, break it down into smaller tasks that you can accomplish each day or each week. Planning ahead, and taking things in smaller bits can help you avoid being overwhelmed by something all at once.

You really can manage stress, but it takes practice, and the development of some habits. However, if you take the time to learn proper teen stress management, you will find that it serves you well later in life.

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