How to Report Violence Anonymously

Violence and bullying can be very frightening situations, which is why many want to learn how to report violence anonymously. Getting caught up in an altercation can be dangerous, so learning how to report violence anonymously is a great way to report the incident without having to worry about getting caught in the middle.

Learning how to report violence anonymously is a great way for parents, neighbors, teens and other individuals to report a violent situation like bullying, domestic violence and assault without having to worry about being in danger for reporting the crime. There are plenty of ways to call the school, the police as well as hotlines to help report the incident. In many situations, all you have to do is ask the police to allow you to remain anonymous as a source. If you indicate that you are concerned about your own well-being for reporting the incident, the person or entity you are reporting the incident to is likely to adhere to your wishes to remain anonymous.

How to Report Violence Anonymously:

First, there are plenty of hotlines available that are perfect for reporting violence, especially if you are reporting continuous violent activities like domestic violence as well as violence that continues throughout a certain time period. Call a hotline to report these incidents and you will remain nameless. That way, if  you a have a friend that you know is in a domestic violent relationship, or have a friend with abusive parents, you can report the incident without getting into the middle of it. Many teens or adults, for that matter, will be hesitant to report a violent incident especially because they worry about the repercussions. They might fear for their own safety after reporting a violent incident. That is why it is so important to be able to have the option to report it anonymously. By going through a violence hotline, you can report the incident without having to reveal any detailed information, and then the hotline will inform the police of the situation. 

Asking to remain anonymous if you call the police yourself is also another way to learn how to report violence anonymously. If the police officer knows  you are concerned about your own safety and wellbeing, they will likely respect your wishes for staying anonymous. However, in many instances, you might have to go on record as a witness to a crime or violent attack, especially if you are the one that reported it. The police can do their best to make sure your name stays hidden, but there is a chance it might come out that you were the one that reported the incident. 

Call from a pay phone. This is a classic way to report violence anonymously. Although there are less pay phones available than there used to be, a great way to learn how to report violence anonymously is to do it from a pay phone. You don't have to give your name, and instead can just report what happened. This is a great tool to use especially in emergency situations when you need to report the violence immediately when a person's life is in danger. The police will only be able to track the call back to the pay phone number and your name will stay out of the reports. 

Another way to learn how to report violence anonymously is to block your cell or landline number before calling. This is especially helpful if you plan to call the school or the home of the parent's whose child is being bullied, etc. There are lots of reasons one would want to learn how to report violence anonymously. If you block your number before calling using *67, you can ensure that your number will not appear on any caller ID. Reporting violence is important because it could save a person's life or prevent bullying from continuing. If you see a crime being committed and do not report it, you are also committing a crime. It is important to do your part and help stop the cycle of violence from continuing.

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